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29 January, 2021

Georgian National University SEU made an unprecedented gift to its freshmen

Pandemic-induced distance learning has identified a number of challenges, including the fact that some students do not have access to computers and are in dire need of both technical and financial assistance.

According to the decision of the SEU Rector Gia Kavtelishvili, the freshmen enrolled in SEU in 2020, who had prioritized SEU as their preferred university, were offered unprecedented gifts. The student could choose:

  • Holders of state education grants could either choose notebook Lenovo ThinkBook 15 (15.6 ” or 1500 education voucher, while non-grant holders could choose either Notebook Lenovo V15 (15,6”) or 1000 education voucher.

A portion of the students opted for a voucher, and for the vast majority of selections, SEU purchased more than 1,400 laptops.

The process of handing over laptops to students has already begun, taking place in stages under the new coronavirus pandemic.

Before the start of the spring semester, all freshmen at SEU will have their own computers, which will greatly help them in their learning process, as increasing access to modern technology will provide equal opportunities for all talented and hard-working students.

Luka Chanturia – a freshman at SEU: “I got enrolled at SEU with a 100% grant for a Bachelor's program in Tourism. SEU ranked number one in my choice list and got a laptop (Notebook Lenovo ThinkBook 15). I am very glad and happy. It is invaluable help and motivation for good learning. We, the SEU students, have the most modern environment, including great technical and human support from the university. I am sure that these 4 years that I have to spend in SEU will be special and fruitful. I'm already proud to be #SEU-eli".

Irakli Kvitsia – a freshman at SEU: “I am studying at SEU undergraduate program in International Relations. SEU was my number one choice because it is the best university and I advise future entrants to apply to SEU. I got a laptop today. It's important support for me, especially while learning online. Many thanks to SEU”.

SEU is always distinguished by high social responsibility and caring for students. In addition to gifts, students always receive maximum support and encouragement from the university to ensure a comfortable and quality learning environment.


28 January, 2021

Meeting organized by the State Inspector's Office for the higher education institutions

On January 28, a meeting organized by the State Inspector's Office took place with higher education institutions. At the remote meeting, the State Inspector's Office presented the prospects of cooperation with higher education institutions.
At the end of the meeting, State Inspector Londa Toloraia and SEU Vice-Rector for Scientific Research Dr. Ana Pirtskhalashvili named the winners of the essay competition:

28 January, 2021

Mobility to SEU

Georgian National University SEU mobility deadlines for the spring semester of the 2020-2021 academic year: registration will be carried out on the electronic portal for those seeking mobility to SEU at from January 28, 2021, to February 8, 2021, at 18:00.

27 January, 2021


On January 26, the SEU International Relations Office organized an online presentation of the Spanish Language and Culture Center "Iberia". A special guest, writer Dato Turashvili, was invited to celebrate the establishment of the center at SEU, who spoke to the students about the importance the Center "Iberia" and of the Spanish language.

Spanish Language and Culture Center "Iberia" offers Spanish language courses to SEU students, which are taught by the Center's Georgian and Spanish teachers.

At the end of the year, the most successful student will travel to Spain, where the Spanish representatives of the center will provide him/her with a one-week program specially tailored to him/her. The student's stay in Spain (meeting, accommodation, meals) is funded by the Spanish Language and Culture Center “Iberia” - the student pays only the travel expenses.

The students of the Center will have the opportunity to enjoy the status of a guest student in the Spanish partner universities of the Center or to do internships in Spain.


25 January, 2021

A webinar: “Opportunities to Increase the Productivity of Scientific Research for Researchers”

A webinar on: “Opportunities to Increase the Productivity of Scientific Research for Researchers” was held at SEU today.

The webinar was attended by about 90 Georgian researchers from more than 20 Georgian and foreign universities.

25 January, 2021


On 22th of January, SEU hosted Professor Bruno Bernard's public lecture on: "How Georgia in the Trouble of Economic Crisis can Export more and Cooperate with New Partners Worldwide".

Prof. Bernard was a Co-candidate for the Nobel Economic Prize 2019 with Dr Samuel Mathey for EZF-EZC, He is an expert in International Trade. Expert for European Commission. Author of 28 marketing and business ethics books translated in 12 languages.

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