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13 December, 2022

As part of the International Amateur Student Festival "Mask 2022", SEU Drama Society Actors have been Awarded

SEU Drama Society gave a performance titled “Call Whatever You Want After the Rehearsal” as part of the international amateur student festival “Mask2022”.

12 December, 2022

Memorandum of Cooperation with the Georgian-Jewish School "Or Avner"

Today, a memorandum of cooperation has been signed between Georgian National University SEU and Georgian-Jewish School “Or Avner”.

12 December, 2022

The Grant Competition, Announced by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, includes the winning grant proposal by the Vice-Rector of SEU for Scientific Research

The grant competition, announced by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, includes the winning grant proposal by Anna Phirtskhalashvili, Vice-Rector of SEU for Scientific Research.

10 December, 2022

SEU Organized a Student Orientation Meeting with International Students

Georgian National University SEU organized the orientation meeting with international students on December 9.

10 December, 2022

The Closing Event of the Media Education Program

The closing meeting and reception was held with the participants in the project under the “Media Education Program”, sponsored by the US Embassy to Georgia and WorldChicago.

10 December, 2022


On December 9, Georgian National University SEU held a panel discussion as part of the University Human Rights Law Week. The event was dedicated to the discussion of domestic violence forms and issues hindering the identification of such cases.

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