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Practical Certification Course on the Tax Code of Georgia


Start date:

25 March, 2021

Training Period:

Thursday 19:00 – 21:30, Saturday 12:00 -14:30;

End date:

06 May, 2021


Georgian National University SEU Training Center starts enrolling students in the practical certification course on the Tax Code of Georgia.

The aim of the course is to teach students the key principles of taxation according to the current Tax Code with all related basic practical aspects, the explanation of the Tax Law of Georgia, and the electronic portal of the taxpayer and its operation. The course is of a practical nature. 

The course is designed for:

  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Company managers;
  • Persons seeking employment in the field of accounting;
  • Novice accountants;
  • Persons interested in taxation and basic principles with general knowledge in the field of financial accounting;

The curse will be led by trainer

Lasha Gvinianidze - trainer of practical course on accounting and tax affairs in various educational institutions (Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, Caucasus Academic Center, GAU) since 2004, functionary head of finance and accounting, individual practice consultant in accounting and auditing.

Upon the completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • To apply tax system and taxation principles in practice
  • To work with the Tax Code of Georgia and tax regulatory by-laws
  • To enhance knowledge about existing taxes

The course starts on March 25!

During the course, students will be provided with study materials.

Tuition fee: 470 GEL

Upon completion of the course, a SEU certificate will be issued.

Course duration: 30 hours

Lecture days: Thursday 19:00 - 21:30, Saturday 12:00 -14: 30;

20% discount for SEU students and graduates!

10% discount for two or more persons registered from the same organization!


  • Pretest;
  • Introduction to taxes, basic concepts and definitions, classification of existing taxes;

  • Income and profit taxes:
  • Procedure for withholding at the source of income and profit taxes
  • Reviewing the withholding tax return
  • Peculiarities of taxation at a non-resident source (consideration of international agreements for the avoidance of double taxation)
  • Special income tax procedures (micro, small, fixed)
  • The so-called Estonian model of profit tax
  • Overview of the principles of annual taxation of profit and income taxes
  • Reviewing the monthly income tax return

  • Value added tax:
  • Value added tax operation
  • Registration as a VAT payer
  • Object of VAT taxation
  • VAT deduction (except for fixed assets)
  • VAT on fixed assets
  • Non-resident reverse charge VAT
  • Reviewing the VAT return

  • Excise Review
  • Import tax review
  • Discussion of aspects of taxation of customs procedures

  • Property tax:
  • Enterprise property tax (excluding land)
  • Land property tax and property tax of a natural person

  • Pretest review and assessment questions:
  • Final testing


470 Gel