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Certification Course on “HR Business Partner”


Start date:

17 May, 2021

Training Period:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 19: 00-21: 00

End date:

18 Jun, 2021


The aim of the Certification Course on “HR Business Partner” is to introduce participants to modern practices of human resource management of the organization/company, HR process management, policy development and outlining a human resource management development strategy, the role and importance of HR as a business partner in the company.

The course will be held online and will comprehensively discuss the key aspects that are important for the formation and effective management of a modern organization.

The course is designed for people interested in the field of human resource management, HR specialists, current HR managers, as well as managers in any field who wish to learn more of this area.

The course will be held from May 17 to June 18! 

The course will include 15 meetings.

The course is of a practical nature. During the Certification Course, practical examples will be discussed along with the theoretical part, in which the trainees will be actively involved.

During the Course you will work with professional, professional trainers with whom you have experience working in this field and leading trainings.

Natalia Saralidze, TBC Bank Training and Development Leader / Business Partner.

  • She has been working in the field of human resource management since 2006, Head of Personnel Selection Service since 2010 at TBC Bank, HR Business Partner since 2017, TBC Bank Training and Development Leader and Business Partner since 2019.
  • She is CIPD certified in Administrative Resource, Bachelor of Business Administration (TSU) and Master of Management from Warsaw Management University.

Khatia Giorgobiani
, a Beeline Organizational Development Leader.

  • She has been involved in education, human resource management and consulting since 2000. She has been employed at Beeline as an Organizational Development Manager since 2010. She has participated in projects such as the introduction of evaluation systems, employee development projects, organizational development projects, employee engagement projects within the company. She spans 10 years of training experience.

Ana Tabidze, HR Generalist, Human Resources Management Manager of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association.

  • She has 7 years of experience in human resource management and 5 years of experience in human capital selection, member of the Competition Commission of the Public Defender's Office of Georgia since 2017, HR and Organizational Management Consultant since 2019.

Sopho Sologashvili, Director of SNAP Fitness Network, SNAP Academy Project Manager.

Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued.

  • Course duration: 1 month, 28 hours
  • Lecture days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 19: 00-21: 00

The course will start on May 17! 

20% discount for SEU students and graduates!

Two or more employees from one organization will enjoy a 10% discount!

Contact information:

  • 9 Tsinandali St., Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Email:
  • Tel: 032 2 90 00 00 555 29 63 28
  • Bank of Georgia GE82BG0000000304043700GEL


  • The role of HR in modern corporations
  • HR Strategic Partner or Supporter
  • HR as a business partner
  • The impact of a business partner on the success of an organization
  • Organizational structure and types of structure
  • Formation of the organization's HR strategy
  • Recruitment
  • Pre-boarding- 3 stages of an onboarding program
  • Onboarding - The process of adapting a new employee
  • Human Capital Development Systems
  • Learning - development
  • Amendments to the Labor Code and the specifics of regulating labor relations
  • Ways to resolve labor disputes and successful examples
  • Employee Motivation - Forms and Methods of Motivation
  • Payroll / Market Research
  • Performance Management
  • Goal setting and evaluation of work performed, evaluation systems
  • Organizational Studies
  • Branding
  • Digital transformation of HR, process automation
  • Influence of the company manager on organizational culture, staff promotion and motivation (based on real examples; experience will be shared with you by the director of SNAP Fitness Network).
  • Crisis management during a pandemic and the role of the employer
  • Pros and cons of working remotely
  • Communication strategy and forms of communication during a pandemic
  • Real examples of HR process management in the post-pandemic period
  • Summary


680 Gel