SEU - Georgian National University

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Office of Management of Scientific Research Activities

The Department of Scientific Research Development and Project Management has been established to support Georgian National University SEU Scientific Research Council. The activities of the Department are regulated by the University Charter and the Statute of Scientific Research Activities.

Functions of the Department

  • Elaboration and development of research provisions;
  • Analysis of research results;
  • Development/monitoring of research activities and strategies;
  • Development/development/monitoring of grant regulations;
  • Managing a university grant scheme;
  • Management of external grant applications;
  • Conducting trainings for academic staff on developing research proposals;
  • Management of international research projects;
  • Developing an approach to consulting;
  • Managing the research consultation process with clients;
  • Management of consulting projects;
  • Developing and discussing doctoral program regulations;
  • Support for doctoral program management;
  • Pursuing an anti-plagiarism policy.
  • Organizational and technical support for the publication of the periodical scientific journal of the university SEU & SCIENCE. 
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