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European Research Council is Announcing the First “Starting Grants” Competition

08 April

As part of the European Commission's Research and Innovation Framework Program “Horizon Europe (2021-2027)”, the European Research Council is announcing the first “Starting Grants” competition to help top researchers start their own independent research team or project.

The grants are intended for novice researchers who have 2-7 years of significant scientific research experience from the award of a doctoral degree and submit a high-quality research project.

Areas of research are not limited.

Applications will be accepted from February 25, the budget amounts to 619 million euros, and the deadline for submitting the applications is April 8, 2021.

Detailed information on the grant application procedure, qualification requirements, grant volume, selection criteria and grant attainment terms are available at the link.

Information about the next grant competitions planned within the “Horizon Europe” program could also be found at the link.

Consolidator Grants (March 11 - April 20) (for researchers with 7-12 years of experience)

Advanced Grants (May 20 - August 31) (for researchers with significant scientific advances over the past 10 years).