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Borrowing books from the library

Readers have the right to use the following terms for borrowing books:

  • Textbook – I semester (if it is available in respective quantities in the library);
  • Textbook 1-7 days ((if it is not available in respective quantities in the library);
  • Fiction 2 months;
  • Other literature 14-30 days;
  • Periodicals 1-7 days.

Digital Collections

Only the students of the university and its academic personnel may have the access to the digital collections of the university.

In order to receive e-resources, visit the catalogue of the library.

Interlibrary service

  • the library offers an interlibrary service to the readers, which implies bringing from other donor libraries the literature, which is not found in our book resources.
  • In order to enjoy the interlibrary service, you have to fill in the electronic form of ordering a book. You should fill in the book data in the language, in which you would like to read the book. (name and author of the book).
  • You may use the delivered book both – onsite, in the reading room of the university, and you may also take it with you (it depends on the category of the ordered book).
  • Readers have the right to order no more than 5 books simultaneously within the interlibrary service.

Readers will receive information on the availability of the ordered book and respective materials no more than within 3 working days.

Catalogues of partner libraries:

Order form

Consultation hour with librarian

  • Get personal scholarly consultation from a librarian via internet or onsite, within the working hours of the library.
  • Please, write us to the following email [email protected]
  • Indicate the time and the topic of the meeting, on which you would like to be consulted.
  • For academic personnel, consultation is effective before starting the study course, in order to receive information on textbooks or on other library-integrated activities that are necessary for you.

Preparation of a reader

  • In order to prepare a reader, please, read the information and fill in the special electronic form.
  • The library shall ensure the preparation of readers, both, in electronic and printed forms, which implies a unified, compiled collection of scientific literature, that is mandatory for the study course, which will entail materials that are not available at the library.
  • For this purpose, the supervisor/lecturer of the study course: fills-in the form and submits the materials necessary for the preparation of the library reader in printed form or electronically; (book periodical, e-resource, etc.) you must take into account that in order to prepare a reader, maximum 40% of the study materials provided by you may be used in order to protect copyrights. You may submit electronic materials to the email [email protected], and in the case of printed materials, you should submit them at the library.
  • In order to prepare a reader, please, fill in the forms below.

Fill-in form

Ask the librarian

If you have any questions regarding the library, you can write us – [email protected];

We will provide you with information on the topics of your desire within maximally short terms.

Working hours of the library

  • Monday – Friday
  • 9:30 – 21:30
  • Saturday – 9:30 – 18:00
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