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Cambridge Journals Online

contains Humanities and Social Sciences, including: Anthropology, Archeology, Art, Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Drama and Theater, Earth and Environment, Economics, Education, Engineering, Teaching English, Films, Media, Mass Communication, Geography, History, linguistics, laws, literature, management, mathematics, medicine, music A philosophy, physics, politics and international relations, psychology, religion, sociology, statistics and probability theory.

  • Free access to digital archives of past years since 1997.
  • 161 Journal of Social Sciences (SSCI) (SCI) and 46 Journal in the field of Arts and Humanities of with  Thomson Reuters citing index.
  • 384  leading journal in various disciplines. In 2017, 20 magazines were added to the list from the law, biology, anthropology, archaeology, and other fields.


includes the following fields: Anthropology, Art and Art History, Criticism and Theory, Culturology, Economics, Education, Environment, Ethnography, European Studies, Fiction, Poetry, Film and Media Studies Theater and Performance Study, Gender Studies, Literary Studies, History, International and Regional Studies, Nearly A Classical Theories, Music Theory, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Politics, Religious Studies, Scientific Studies, Sociology and Social Theory, African Studies, Asian Studies, Health Care.

  • Journal of Arts, Humanitarian and Social Sciences with high index citing;
  • Magazines from Scopus publishing

e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collection

Edward Elgar 

The base includes books on finance, economy, innovation research, infrastructure development, health care, corporate governance, public and social governance, migration, research methods, intellectual property, legal and others. And on the development of research. Magazines on Economic and Economic Relations Intervention, Leadership Institute and Humanism.

IMechE Journals

Mechanical Engineering (SAGE publishing house)

  • IMechE journals are presented on the publishing house SAGE platform. It contains magazines from 1847. Their main direction is mechanical engineering.
  • Every magazine has its own international editorial board, every member of the board is a leading engineer and the chief editor is a well-known representative of this field.
  • Most of the articles (approx. 18 to 17) are cited in Thomson Reuters Journal, and each magazine publisher is listed in indexing journals presented in SCOPUS.

New England Journal of Medicine

Medical journals articles with new medical studies, reviews and reports. Medicine and its subfields, including Cardiology, Emergency Medical Assistance, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Hematology / Oncology, Immunology / Allergology, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Neurology / Neurosurgery, Pulmonology and Rheumatology.

  • The base includes multimedia and interactive content units and videos about clinical medicine. 

Royal Society Journals Collection

Biological sciences, physics, mathematics and engineering sciences as well as their related disciplines.

  • The base includes the Royal Society's Digital Archive since 1665.


SAGE Premier

humanities, social sciences, technology, business, and medicine.

  • Scientific articles with growing statistics
  • SAGE's 65 % of journals are represented on the 2010 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Magazine list (JCR).

SAGE Premier


OpenEdition Journals

  • OpenEdition Freemium Journals - 160 journals in humanitarian and social sciences, available in HTML, PDF and ePUB format.
  • About 80% of the publications are in French, as well as articles in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese languages.
  • Most of the articles are published in more than one language.
  • The main direction - humanitarian, social sciences


Is the largest database of abstracts and citations of referenced literature, consisting of 21,000 scientific journals, over 50 million records in technology, medicine, humanitarian and social fields.


Science Direct

Is a world-renowned scientific electronic database covering more than 2 million magazines, in total more than two million full-text articles. Science Direct is mainly focused on accurate and natural sciences, in a relatively small number of social and humanitarian directions. 

Science Direct

Scival Funding(Funding Institutional)

(Funding Institution - is an Elsevier Instrument / Platform that helps researchers find opportunities for grant funding.

Scival Funding(Funding Institutional)


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