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Student organizations play an important role in creating the social, cultural and intellectual environment of the university. Such associations, like culture, sports or advocacy, enable students to engage in activities that foster personal growth, development of leadership skills, and the formation of a students’ community.

Student clubs’ unite students around in common interests. These social, entertaining, or professional interest-based organizations organize social events, seminars, panels and conferences, concerts, sports competitions, charities or other student events. In this way, students are given the opportunity to create activities and implement ideas, while the university promotes and supports the pursuit of their interests.

Student Club Registration / Cancellation

The Department of the Relations with the Employers, Students and Graduates (Hereinafter - Department) registers or cancels a registered club (hereinafter - the club) of the Georgian National University SEU. 

Club registration is implemented by filling out the online registration form from  The applicant submits a club statute during the registration which should include:

  1. The name of the club, which should include the words "Georgian National University SEU / Relevant Club / Club" or "Georgian National University SEU Club / Title /". The name does not have to match the name of the already registered club.
  2. Information about founders (first name, last name, personal number). The number of founders shall not be less than three. The founder/member of the club can only be a student who has an active status. The club is managed by the founders in the manner provided by the club regulations;
  3. Deadlines for the submission of the documents of club registration by the founders are 25 -1 number of each month. Within 3 working days after the submission of the registration documents, the Service makes a decision on the registration of the Club or in case of refusal, returns the application to the Founders with motivated remarks.


Benefits of the registered club:

  • Right to apply for funding;
  • The opportunity to post information about the club in the list of student life activities on the University website; There will also be contact information for the club    

(  email of each club );

  • The right to submit on behalf of the University;
  • The right to organize and find  sources for funding the events;
  • Promoting activities of organization, facilitating in the dissemination of information;
  • Using of campus space;
  • Opportunity to use the university’s technical equipment.


Mandatory Requirements for the registered clubs:

  • Coordinate with the department on upcoming events and club programs;
  • Providing information for the department about the clubs’ renewal, new members in each semester;
  • Organize at least two meetings and / or events per semester; If the club holds only one event per semester, it may temporarily get suspended the right to request funding. If the club does not hold an event during the semester, the club can be cancelled or the issue of changing the governing body arises;
  • Involvement in activities planned by the university administration, if offered.
  • The founder of a club cannot be the founder of another club.

Grant Contest

The department reviews the submitted projects by the club, twice a month, projects submitted between the 1st to the 5th of each month and the projects submitted to the 15th to 15th of each month.

The project can only be submitted by the club via,ge in the form established by the department.

Grant Application Form

After submitting the application, the Department verifies the compliance of the project with the requirements of this Regulation, prior to reviewing the project.

The project must meet the following criteria: at least 3 members of the Steering Group; Experience in similar projects (preferred); Student involvement (minimum 17 students) (compulsory); A logical link between the requested budget and the scale of the activity; Actuality, timeliness, relevance, benefits; The possibility of extension; Effective use of the resources (material and technical); Security guarantees; Risks during the project implementation; The quality and intensity of the past club activities (required).

Priorities for evaluating projects are:

  • Academic Performance of the founder students of the initiator club, club members, project beneficiaries;
  • Activities of club founders/members, including attending public lectures at the university;
  • Cognitive and educational projects;
  • students and student clubs’ development activities.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle activities.
  • Useful activities for students and university life.


All club founders and project beneficiaries must have active student status to apply for the grant.

A project that does not meet the requirements of this Regulation or is not fully completed shall not be considered. The project that is not reviewed, with recommendations developed by the Department, will be returned to the Initiator Club. According to the department's recommendations, the club has the right to re-submit the project to the grant competition.

The Department reviews and evaluates the activities of the past month on a monthly basis in agreement with the Rector and Vice-Rector.


Club Obligations during implementing the projects/activities

  • The club carries out activities according to the profile, thematically. All activities should include the Georgian National University SEU. The beneficiary of any activity should only be the Georgian National University;
  • SEU-active status of a student, a university graduate, entrant or employee. If the beneficiary is another person at the time of project/activity disclosure, the amount of the activity should be indicated in the submitted project or statement.
  • In order to get involved in different thematic activities, the club is authorized to associate with different (relevant thematic of the project) clubs around the project.
  • In order to disseminate information, the club is obliged to provide the department with the necessary information four days in advance.
  • Before inviting a person to a public lecture, the club is obliged to coordinate activities with the Department and invite the person only with the consent. During the election campaign in Georgia, it is forbidden to invite political party members and / or political officials.
  • The club prepares a report card, photo/video material for the project implemented, which will be submitted to the department within 3 days of the project completion.


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For additional information, contact the Department of Relations with the Employers, Students and Graduates.


Tel: 2 90 00 00 (27); 577 14 11 14.