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Mock Jury Trial for School Leavers

08 April
9 Tsinandali str, Metro 300 Aragveli. 13:00

SEU will host a training on the subject of “Mock Jury Trial for School Leavers” on April 8.

The school leavers will be trained on the basic principles and challenges of a jury trial. The training covers 3 main aspects:

  • Tactics for selecting jurors;
  • Determining the state prosecution and defense strategy at trial;
  • Introductory speech, interrogation and closing speech preparation techniques.

This module includes 3 hours, namely: 1) SEU lecturers will share the knowledge gained in the Prosecutor's Office and the Bar with the students. 2) The trainees will be divided into groups (prosecution and defense) and will prepare a specific case to be considered in a mock trial. 3)  Mock trial with the direct participation of the listeners. This practical course will raise the legal awareness of the school leavers and will teach them the fundamental aspects of the administration of justice.

Time: 1 PM

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