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Psychological Counseling and Training Center

25 May 19:00

On May 25, at 19:00, an informational meeting will be held by the Psychological Counseling and Training Center of Georgian National University SEU. The purpose of the Center is to provide students with psychological counselling; this service can be used in the form of individual sessions, group sessions and training.

Topic of the meeting: “Psychological Counseling and Training for Students”.

The following items will be discussed at the meeting:

  • What psychological counselling is
  • What psychological counselling can help us with;
  • When to seek psychological counselling;

Also, the participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of their interest and get answers. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce students to the essence and importance of psychological counselling. 

The speaker: Nodar Sarjveldze, Associate Professor at SEU, Consulting Psychologist and Head of the

Center for Psychological Counseling and Training.

Interested persons can sign up for psychological counselling by phone:

  • Nodar Sarjveladze, Tel.: 593687810
  • Nato Mgaloblishvili, Tel.: 557704932

Attendance at the meeting is free of charge.

The informational meeting will be held using the Zoom platform.

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