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Personal Data Protection Ambassadors

22 December

The State Inspectors Office begins accepting applications for participation in the second stream of the Personal Data Protection Ambassadors project. The competition is open to students with high academic achievement, both undergraduate and graduate.

How to become a "Personal Data Protection Ambassador"?

By December 22, 2021, send a motivational video with your resume on the link below. Tell us why you want to become a "Personal Data Protection Ambassador". Go through the qualifying stages successfully and take part in a project that promises a unique experience.

To participate in the competition, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a current student at a higher education institution (bachelor's or master's degree);
  • Must have high academic achievement;
  • Must be active, organized and have the ability to communicate effectively;
  • Must have the motivation to introduce innovations and the ability to initiate new ideas;
  • Must be interested in personal data protection issues and service activities.

To participate in the competition, the candidates should submit the given documents on the following email address:

  • Resume (CV);
  • Certificate of student status issued by a higher education institution in the current semester;
  • Certificate of Academic Achievement;
  • Indicate the name, surname and contact information of at least one recommender;
  • Their vision of how they imagine implementing the program (in writing, based on specific examples);
  • Justify the motivation to participate in the program (in the form of a video recording).

The best candidates will be identified through a selection of applications and an interview (interview will be conducted remotely).

For detailed information about the project, please see the link: