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Online masterclass - “What it takes to be a startuper”

02 February

The first online masterclass with the theme of “What it takes to be a startuper” will be held as part of the joint program by SEU and British Council titled “Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Programme”.

Speaker: Davit Chechelashvili, Serial Entrepreneur, Vice-President of “Xpand”. He has held several strategic and business development positions since 1999 in high-tech manufacturing enterprises. His experience is based mainly on the knowledge of such disciplines as Immersion Visualization, VR / AR, 3D stereos and their introduction in both marketing and educational industries.

Davit will help the students, participating in the program, to get better acquainted with the field of startups and entrepreneurship.

He will cover the following topics: “What it meant to be a startup”, “The difference between a startup and a lifestyle business”, “Modern technology trends”, “The importance of a team to develop a business idea”.

Date: February 2, 4:00 p.m.

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