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Exadel Career Day - Must-know Tips For Building An International Career

13 May

On May 13, Georgian National University SEU will host a representative from Exadel, offering the SEU students and graduates the opportunity to learn about the steps to be taken to start a career in an international company.

Exadel is actively involved in the professional development of students and the formation of a sustainable technological ecosystem. The students attending the event will have the opportunity to explore the technical and People-Operations vacancies on-site. Internships for SEU students will also be announced for fledgling developers.

Speaker: Ana Gogichaishvili, Administrative Assistant of Exadel in Education Department.

Exadel must be noted for its operation in almost all areas such as finance, blockchain, stock exchanges, information security, healthcare, education, etc., allowing the students to choose the best project from a wide range of options.

The event will be held at the SEU new campus, second floor, lecture hall #207.

Date: 13 May, 13:00

For additional information, please contact the Career and Alumni Relations Office.

Tel: 577 24 26 95; 577 14 11 14


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