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Heading: Successful Alumni

24 May
5:00 pm

On May 24, the Career Development and Alumni Relations Office of Georgian National University SEU will host a meeting with the SEU alumni and Nino Giorgadze, Recruitment Manager at Headvice Academy.

During the meeting, the speaker will tell us her own success story. She will also share a variety of work experiences with listeners and give tips on how to become competitive ones in the job market.

Nino Giorgadze has been working for years in the field of personnel selection for both Georgian and foreign companies.

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The event will be held at SEU New Campus, Second Floor, Lecture hall #202.

Time: 5:00. P.M

For additional information, please contact the Career Development and Alumni Relations Office.

Tel: 577 24 26 95/577 14 11 14

Email: [email protected]