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Public Lecture on Child Marriage

01 Jun
3:00 pm

On June 1, an informational meeting on child marriage issues for school students, organized by the students of the Graduate Program of the Faculty of Law of Georgian National University SEU, will be held in connection with the International Children’s Day.

The aim of the public lecture is to raise school students’ awareness of the causes of child marriage, its harmful consequences, legal framework, the Georgian reality and the role of the state and society in eliminating child marriage.

The public lecture will feature screening a documentary film and a short animation. The school students will have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers.

The school students will be given books and information materials dedicated to the topic of child marriage.


  1. 15: 00-15: 10 - Opening / welcome speech by Goga Khatiashvili, Invited Lecturer at SEU.
  2. 15: 10-15: 20 - Presentation I by Vera Kutsia and Sopho Tavadze on “What Marriage Means in Childhood; Reasons for Childhood Marriage; Statistics and Current Situation”.
  3. 15: 20-15: 35 - Animation.
  4. 15: 35-15: 45 - Presentation II by Teona Karsanidze on “The Consequences of Early / Childhood Marriage”.
  5. 15: 45-15: 55 - Presentation III by Ketevan Beridze and Kristine Tordia on “Legal Regulations and Ways to Prevent Childhood Marriage”.
  6. 15:55 – Film screening.
  7. Questions / Discussion.
  8. Closing the event.

Time: 3:00 P.M.

The event will be held at SEU new campus.

Location: 9 Tsinandali St., Tbilisi, Metro Station 300 Aragveli.

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