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18 November

Student organizations play an important role in the formation of the social, cultural and intellectual environment of the university. Such associations, be it in the direction of culture, sports or advocacy, give students the opportunity to engage in activities that promote personal growth, develop leadership skills and build a student community.

Student clubs bring together students with shared interests. These social, entertaining or career interest-based organizations hold social events, seminars, panels and conferences, concerts, sports competitions, charity or other student events. In this way, students are given the opportunity to develop activities and carry out ideas, enjoying full university support to pursue their interests.

Privileges of a registered club:

  • The right to apply for financial support
  • The right to organize events and obtain funding sources
  • Advertising activities, assistance in information dissemination
  • Using campus space
  • Opportunities of using technical infrastructure of the university

If you are interested in making a contribution to the social, cultural and intellectual environment of the university and feel ready to form a student club, then fill out the application:

For more information, please visit the link:

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