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"Transformation in Times of Transition: European Integration and the Eastern Partnership Initiative"

08 February

On February 8-9, 2024, the European Integration Research Center at Georgian National University SEU is co-organizing, for the fourth time, a international scientific conference with Lazarski University (Poland). The conference is titled: Transformation in Times of Transition: European Integration and the Eastern Partnership Initiative.

Amidst contemporary political, economic, and social shifts, the European Union (EU) stands as a beacon of regional integration, having navigated through myriad challenges and opportunities while shaping its legal landscape. Simultaneously, the Eastern Partnership Initiative (EaP), encompassing six countries in Southeast Europe, has emerged as a key player in the geopolitical and economic dynamics of the region. Consequently, the following topics are becoming more and more important: international cooperation, integration, and the development of the legal system.

This conference aims to address this transformation processes and provide a vital platform for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to present their perspectives and engage in profound discussions surrounding the following key topics:

  • Policy Impact: Assess the effectiveness of legal and policy instruments in advancing the goals of European integration and the Eastern Partnership.
  • Legal Harmonization and Europeanization: Explore the convergence of legal systems within the EU and EaP and the implications for regional cooperation and integration.
  • Foster Regional Cooperation: Examine how legal and policy developments in trade, economics, and security contribute to regional stability and prosperity.
  • Contextualize Geopolitical Realities: Analyze the geopolitical implications of legal transformations in light of global shifts esp. in the aftermath of Russia’s war on Ukraine.
  • New Frontiers of Law: Investigate the growing sub-disciplines in EU law emerging in times of transition and shed light on their development process.
  • Policy Frameworks: Analyze the role of legal instruments and policies in facilitating or hindering the integration process, with a focus on Eastern Partnership countries.
  • Human Rights and Justice: Assess the impact of legal transformations on human rights, access to justice, and the rule of law in Europe and Eastern Partnership states.
  • Geopolitical Shifts: Investigate the influence of legal changes on the geopolitical landscape of the European neighborhood and beyond.
  • Economic context: Assess the impact of European integration and Eastern Partnership on the economy and economic growth of the region.

Registration for the conference is open including January 10, 2024.

The conference will be held at SEU, Tbilisi, Tsinandali Str 9.

Working languages of the conference are Georgian and English.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at [email protected]