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Useful Information

Useful Information

University publishes scientific journal SEU & SCIENCE

The university scientific journal is published once in every 6 months as a biennial book.

The scientific articles of a specific direction may be published in the extraordinary, special edition of the university.

The journal is divided into main trends that are consistent with the main directions of the university's educational activities.

The scientific journal is referenced by Georgian and foreign specialists.

The scientific papers published are subject to compulsory review (peer review). The review is carried out with the primary examination of the article (desk review) by invitation of the specialists of the relevant field  (blind review) or by public review in the web of scientific society (crowd review), using the software developed by the university.

Publishing an article in the university's scientific journal is free of charge and all expenses related to the publication of the research work are financed by the University.

Copyright of published work goes to its authors / co-authors. The University is entitled to disseminate a collection of relevant scientific articles gratis in the form chosen by it, without any agreement with the author, to use it for the development of scientific research and library funds.

Useful Information