SEU - Georgian National University

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Art and Culture

Ensemble SEU

It was established on behalf of the Rector of the University Mr Gia Kavtelishvili in April 2011. The ensemble was staffed by university students, former students and staff, professional dancers and singers. Nugzar Kurtskhalia is the head of the "SEU" signer team, and the dancers are led by Zaal Chumburidze and Kakha Dgebuadze.

After its formation, the ensemble performed a solo concert at the Tbilisi Grand Concert Hall in just 8 months and offered Georgian viewers a new show program "99 Minutes in Georgia". The show featured rich choreography and a variety of Georgian voices, including the notable exclusive dance "Eriseuli". The dance is distinguished by Georgian spirit, great temperament and speed.

In 2011, a special material-technical base was prepared for the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble at “SEU”, which according to world-known producers like Lasha Oniani and Pascal Jordan, is the best rehearsal infrastructure in Georgia.

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