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MA Program in Social Psychology



The goal of the Social Psychology Master Program is to support in preparing of a high-qualified psychologists in the field of Social Psychology that is the most widespread, to teach the student, general and specific regularities of human interaction with the society, important issues of functioning of the group as a form of a public formation, to introduce a variety of social roles and the potential impact of normative system regularities on human. The task of the program is to develop a student's competence in individual and group behavior analysis and cognition, to understand the main factors of the people’s behavior, the ability to analyze psychological factors that are behind of leadership and influence, also abilities like: deepening the obtained knowledge, working with scientific recourses, to make a compliance with the practical situations and the ability to use them in the independent research or professional activities. The program provides a deep and systematic study of theoretical basics, concrete strategies and the methods of their adequate use, to acquire the principles of optimal interaction with the human social environment.

The purpose of the program is to develop Master's ability of solving, professional problems by using the new and original ways, ability to act in a multidisciplinary environment, complex problems solving in an original ways, ability to use the newest methods and approaches of the field, to develop student’s capacity to critically analyze a complex and incomplete information, strategic planning of professional development, self-awareness and professional growth challenges.

Theoretical, practical and research basis for practising psychologist is formulated by selecting the appropriate profile, (study, research, practical) study component in the program in order to develop student’s ability to conduct the field-specific research independently and the competence for the performing a scientific work according to the level of the educational cycle.

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MA Program in Social Psychology