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MA Program in Law


Aim of the Program

The aim of the Program is to deepen student’s knowledge in the field of law; to establish a solid foundation in the field of law choosing / changing the specialty; Give a students the necessary knowledge to continue their learning in order to become professional. To prepare students for practical activities and independent scientific research; To make students use new technological, economic and social achievements; To find students the original ways of resolving problems in a new multidisciplinary environment; To prepare student with full independent responsibility to contribute to the study and / or practical activity.

Topicality of the Program

The aim of the Master Program is to promote the establishment of legal value in national and international society; Methodology and writing standards of the study will teach the student different methods of research in the field and will give them the knowledge in accordance with the relevant standards, academically and professionally reflect in a written form in their work as well as their opinions and conclusions and also their attitudes towards other authors' opinions;

While performing interdisciplinary research work, the student will study how to interconnect one field with another, for example, law and politics, or law and sociology, during making such work, the student will be required to protect the culture and academic honesty of scientific writing, as well as the ability of inter-field research; With studying German, French, Anglo-American law culture, law peculiarities, the justice system and legal education, the language, with obtained knowledge, the student will realize the legal system culture, will be able to study in foreign language, conduct research and practical activities both domestically and abroad; After completing the practical course of legal rhetoric, the student will have an effective communication with both professional and non-legal circles. To master the art of eloquence, the use of specific methods of speech or negotiation, proper preparation for a speech during professional disputes, presenting professional quality for a qualified lawyer is an indisputable prerequisite to create a positive view and reputation about a legal or physical entity as a field competent specialist.

Development of Practical Skills is one of the main objectives of the Master's Law Program; Legal clinics are the best way to prepare for implementing practical activities independently. The program also offers a practical course of civic education, which aims at increasing the skills of law education; Performing a master's thesis is a necessary and a final component for completing the Master's Law Program. When performing the paper, the student independently creates the written work, where the is reflected the knowledge and skills acquired by student; The master's work clearly demonstrates how student can understand the jurisprudence values and how student is ready to contribute to the formation of new values; The work should reveal the level of mastering research methods related to the issues and the master's candidate readiness for independent work in future professional activities.

Conducting master thesis is guided by academic/ or invited personnel of Master Law Program. Consultations are provided within the framework of working on the paper that helps student to master the habit of working independently with the support of the supervisor, also establishment of conclusions on study and scientific literature, based on a new legislative regulation, judicial practice or in terms of elaborating scientific approaches and analysis of changes.

Certain part of study courses offered in Law Master Program, unites several field of law and institutions, it is necessary to employ a lawyer based on the requirements of the modern labor market, and it is necessary to have a profound and systematic knowledge of several fields in order to make student’s recourse interesting and useful in case of employment in private and public sectors.

The Master's program offered elective courses, which gives students an opportunity to study deeply the areas of specific law institutions, modern judicial practice problems or newly activated international norms in Georgia. Also student has the opportunity to choose such courses that are based on analysis of court practices in a particular field.

General Information

MA Program in Law