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MA Program in Law



Master's law program aims to:

• provide in-depth and systematic knowledge within the chosen concentration in the field of private, criminal or public law, by generalizing best practices and / or using comparative legal methodology;

• Develop innovative approaches to correctly interpret the norm, comprehensively assess complex legal problems, and ultimately solve a legal task;

• provide the ability to get acquainted with the latest achievements in the relevant field and to carry out scientific-theoretical and practical research independently;

• Develop the ability to formulate their own complex and original legal conclusions in the field of private, criminal or public law;

• Develop the ability to present the results of their research and legal conclusions in a written and oral form in Georgian and foreign languages in compliance with the standards of academic ethics to the academic and professional community;

• Develop the ability to act in accordance with the norms of professional ethics and democratic values while carrying out practical activities in the field of law.


Graduate of the Law Program of Georgian National University SEU:

•  Has deep and systematic theoretical knowledge to form a new vision for solving complex and / or interdisciplinary problems in the field of private, criminal and / or public law;

•  Describes the achievements of national and foreign law, the development perspectives and key trends in the practice and precedents of national and / or international courts, the problems of the interrelationship between international and national laws;

•  Explains aspects of the impact of international law and / or EU Law on national law, defines the importance of using the comparative method.

•  Describes the rules of ethics and the peculiarities of disciplinary proceedings.

•  Possesses modern field methods of scientific research, rules of academic honesty and issues of academic ethics, basic rules and principles of creating professional scientific texts.


Graduate of the Law Program of Georgian National University SEU:

•  Recognizes and comprehensively evaluates complex problems in private, criminal or public law and the factual circumstances of a legal case, carries out innovative synthesis of complex and incomplete information, uses critical analysis and comparative legal methods to develop new, original ways to solve problems.

• Using the method of explanation, on the perfection of legislation, develops his/her own original legal vision and determines the positive and negative consequences of his/her own decisions;

•  Communicates the results of his/her research and legal conclusions, in accordance with the standards of academic ethics, to the academic and professional community in written and oral form in native and foreign languages;

• Conducts the research process independently using the latest methods and approaches in accordance with the principle of academic integrity. Expands knowledge using up-to-date methods through primary sources, scholarly articles, and general analysis of court decisions.

Responsibility and autonomy:

Graduate of the Law Program of Georgian National University SEU:

•  Respects and recognizes professional and democratic values, standards of ethics and academic honesty, ethical results of scientific research;

•  Manages a complex, unpredictable or multidisciplinary learning and / or work environment and adapts freely through new strategic approaches to diverse groups of people with different views. Has a high level of personal autonomy and accountability, can take responsibility for the activities of others and their further professional development;

• Carries out the synthesis of theoretical components and practical experience, expands knowledge through general analysis of primary sources, scientific articles and court decisions, based on the latest methods in the relevant field.


Prerequisites and procedures for admission to the Master in Law educational program are in accordance with the current legislation, laid out in the regulatory framework for the study process, posted on the website, and are available to all interested parties.

A person with a bachelor's degree in law or an equivalent academic degree is eligible to study in the Master in Law program of Georgian National University SEU, who will be admitted on the basis of the results of the Unified Master's Exams, exams in specialty and in foreign language (English, German, French) established by Georgian National University SEU.  After passing the exams, the applicant will gain the right to study on the Master in Law program.

The competence of communication in English can be confirmed by an international certificate certifying the knowledge of English at B2 level:

  1. a) BEC exam and CELS exam – Vantage
  2. b) Cambridge exam FCE
  3. c) Pritman ESOL International
  4. d) TOEIC 541
  5. e) TOEFL 500 (Paper - based)

173 (Computer - based)

72 (Internet-based)

General Information

MA Program in Law

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