SEU - Georgian National University

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The mission of the journal is to contribute to the development of the social sciences and civil society.

The goals of the journal are:

  • Presenting important scientific research in various fields of social sciences, introducing them to the national and international community, as well as promoting the international integration of these research;
  • Working on studies in Georgia that will contribute to the country's European integration;
  • Creating an active scientific-research climate.

The main tasks for the development of the journal are:

  • Acquiring a worthy place among high-ranking international scientific publications by registering in authoritative international scientific databases and gaining high scientific status;
  • Popularization of the journal;
  • Attracting Georgian and foreign authors for cooperation;
  • Promoting interdisciplinary research;
  • Promoting the availability of communication scope for academic staff, young and experienced research scientists, and the development of scientific-creative potential.
  • The journal is a platform for researchers working in various fields of social sciences: Law, Economics, Business, International Relations and Security, Applied Social Studies, Education, Communication Training, Psychology, Political Science and Governance.