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I am glad that you are interested in the Faculty of Business and Technology of Georgian National University (SEU), which was founded in 2010 and is distinguished by the variety of curricula designed in line with the latest standards, as well as the number of students.

The Faculty is a close link between business and technology; being a trend in today's world, both in real life and in the educational area.

The Faculty is equipped with the latest computer technologies and material resources, which enable the student to keep up with modern development trends in the chosen direction.

The Faculty provides all the conditions to receive a full-fledged education in order to master the chosen speciality, to achieve success in future professional activities, and thus contribute to the economic progress of the country.

Our academic team will share theoretical knowledge and practical experience, give you the right direction to easily grasp the specifics of teaching and learning, and develop all the necessary skills to be able to realize the full potential for the benefit of your successful career and our country.

Let me kindly remind you that education is a two-way process: the effectiveness of the programs offered by us is determined by your active involvement in the learning process. Therefore, the more effort you put in, the more perfect your education will be, which is a prerequisite for employment in the profession, further development and, ultimately, your prosperity.

School leavers, who are faced with choosing a profession and university, have the best opportunity to obtain state funding or a 'SEU grant', and receive a comprehensive education in a comfortable and student-friendly international environment within the SEU Faculty of Business and Technology; to obtain a scholarship or fund their own studies for successful future; to engage in exchange programs at prestigious European universities, pursue exciting student days, or take advantage of other, diverse university services, and offers tailored for your interests.

Our motto is: #BISSENOS TEMPUS! 

I wish you always make a wise decision! 

Valeri Mosiashvili,

Dean of the Faculty of Business and Technology, Professor


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