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Suspending student’s status

Suspending student’s status is considered as an exempt of the fulfillment from the rights and obligations of a student without termination of student’s status.

The basis for the suspension of student status is:

  • Student's personal statement;
  • Academic vacation;
  • Absence of administrative registration (financial debts);
  • Illness;
  • Studying in a higher education institution abroad.

The maximum term for a student’s status suspension is 5 years. After five years of suspension, the person is terminated by the student ‘s status.

Student submits the application concerning the suspension of student’s status, electronically through the personal page of the educational process management system.

Termination of student’s status

The basis for the termination of student status is:

• Student's personal statement;

• Completion of the relevant cycle educational program;

• Mobility in other higher education institutions;

• Exit out of the student status after 5 years.

• Violation  of  SEU’s  Student Ethics Code or/and systemic violation of  University Regulations

The status of the student is terminated by the order of University Rector, which will be informed to the student. If the termination of the student’s  status  is caused by the systemic /rough violation of the terms of SEU’s Ethics Code or/ and the University Regulations,  student is entitled to take part in discussing the issue, to express his or her opinion either oral or written way,  present additional documentation/information to the university, use with the right of protection and silence  in accordance with the legislation.

The student will be informed about the decision and order regarding the termination of a student’s status.

When the order about the termination of student’s status will be introduced/given to the student, all types of legal relations are stopped between the university and the status-terminated student.

The student is entitled to appeal made decision in court in the procedure and terms provided for by the procedural legislation.

Legal basis for termination of student status shall be made after 12 months from the date of issuing the relevant order. In this time the student is entitled to restore student status through mobility in another educational institution. 

Renewal of a student’s status

Status can be restored on the basis of the student's personal application, for 5 years after student’s suspension by passing administrative registration;

To restore the status of the student, the student is obliged to submit the information to the University that confirms the circumstances of the suspension of the status is detected and submit the electronic application regarding the restoration of the status on an individual page of the education process management system.

In case of restoring student status, the semester is defined by determining compliance with the current program (according to the rule of recognition of education received during the study).