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Business Administration



The aims of the Program in Business Administration of Georgian National University SEU are:

• to educate professionals, with a broad range of theoretical and practical skills of analyzing processes in various business and economic environments, and with the ability to deliver this knowledge into practical work, through the achievement of the level expected for a bachelor;

• to equip students with skills necessary for any managerial level and prepare them to effectively fulfil appropriate functions in Management, Economics, Finances, Marketing and Accounting for local and international companies.

• Develop interest and demand in students to have their own businesses and successfully operate on the market.

• raise specialists with creative thinking, who will be competitive both in domestic and international markets with a healthy ambition of being a leader and constant demand for development;


Graduate of the Georgian National University SEU Bachelor's Degree Program in Business Administration:

• describes the fundamental concepts of economics, finance, accounting, marketing and management; explains and uses correlation between them;

• uses information technologies to support business processes and make decisions;

• defines theories and practices of business ethics and social responsibility;

• uses research (quantitative and qualitative) skills to analyze, discover and solve business problems;

• understands globalization and appreciates cultural diversity;

• analyzes the challenges of starting his/her own business; distinguishes between types of business strategies and discusses their planning, implementation and evaluation processes;

• Develop the project and prove its feasibility by quantitative and/or qualitative research and communicating its results;

• works effectively with other people by understanding their skills, interpersonal and group interactions, cultural differences and own unique background, thus, creates a synergy effect in the working process;

• can organize and establish his/her own organization, develop business ideas, and put together a business plan;

• produces clearly written analysis and delivers well-organized, reasoned and persuasive oral presentations;


A person with a full general education who has a relevant state-issued document (high school certificate) or a document equivalent to it and who, based on the results of the Unified National Exams is eligible to study on the undergraduate educational program of Business Administration and undergoes the administrative registration at Georgian National University SEU.

Enrollment without passing the Unified National Exams

Enrollment without passing the Unified National Exams in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia is allowed:

• For foreign citizens and stateless persons who have received full general or equivalent education in a foreign country;

• For citizens of Georgia who have received full general or equivalent education in a foreign country and have studied in a foreign country for the last 2 years of full general education;

• For foreign nationals (except for students participating in a joint higher education program and students participating in an educational exchange program) who are studying/have studied and have received credits/qualifications in a foreign country at a higher education institution recognized in accordance with the legislation of that country;

• For citizens of Georgia (except for students participating in the joint higher education program and students participating in the educational exchange program), who live/have lived, study/have studied and received credits/qualifications for a period of time defined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia in a recognized higher education institution of a foreign country recognized in accordance with the legislation of that country;

• The university conducts interviews to determine the language proficiency of those wishing to study without the Unified National Exams and provides the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia with a video recording of the interview.

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Business Administration

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