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Business Administration



Georgian National University - The purpose of the SEU Business Administration Bachelor Program is to prepare specialists with to prepare specialists with business skills, process analysis and practical skills in business spheres that will have a perfect knowledge of business organizations (state, commercial and non-commercial subjects, international organizations And so forth.) about the management of economic environment and organizations, in result student will be able to use acquired knowledge in practice and, therefore, to satisfy the requirements of local or international labor market within the competence of the Bachelor.

The program is oriented to develop a student's ability to find information and effective communication skills and develop competencies for communication and professional discussions in both native and foreign languages (B2 + level). The task of the program is to develop student’s ability to analyze, evaluate and analyze the processes in the field of business and logical reasoning, to solve the problems independently, to develop analytical reasoning and the necessary skills to justify.

To introduce a student to the basics of effective, practical and research activities in this field, to implement in graduates the social responsibility, fundamental, managerial and ethical values of the business and practical activity, development of thinking skills with modern professional categories, which is a necessary prerequisite for establishing educated and socially-minded professional. To undertake practical challenges of the field, as well as conducting its analysis and small-format research works will ensure the course of the enterprise practices envisaged by the program and perform the Bachelor work on theoretical and practical knowledge accumulated during the study period.


According to the present undergraduate program, the actuality of Bachelor’s preparing is due to the irreversible nature of mixed, multilateral, socially oriented market economies and the establishment of relationships. Georgia's integration process in the world economy, the establishment of market economy in Georgia and the development of market institutions, and therefore, employers' demands. The signing of the Association Agreement by Georgia and the agreement of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area make this process much more intense.

Modern companies have increased demand for such specialists, who have the necessary theoretical knowledge in various sectors the global business of the events and processes and also are able to make the optimal decisions at the same time, awareness of the social responsibility of business and have the ability to control private and State interest in the framework of harmonious relations.

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Business Administration