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Business Administration in English



SEU Business Administration English Language Bachelor Program aims to establish professionals with wide theoretical knowledge and practical skills to analyze various economic and business processes. The graduates of this program will be able to use the accumulated knowledge in practice and be competitive in both national and international labor markets.


The program will ensure that students acquire a theoretical knowledge in business administration, as well as finance, management, marketing theories and principles that will enable them to analyze the following four main functions of the management process: Planning, organizing, leadership and control; The graduate will be able to analyze the basic principles and methods of effective use of financial and human resources; By analyzing, evaluating and interpreting information, student can make a reasonable business decision; In accordance with the obtained knowledge, it is possible to analyze the impact of globalization on organizations; Getting a group work experience, enables student to use it for effective communication in the mutual achievement process. The student will develop values based on professional and moral norms that will increase the sense of responsibility both on individual and in social levels.


The program’s purpose is the student to analyze the ethical principles related to the business sphere and the possibility of managerial decision making. Practice-oriented courses and relevant projects enable a student to develop its interpersonal communications, professional discussion skills, projects and time management; Most importantly, the program aims to involve the student in analysing real business processes, which is a condition for creating an educated and responsible professional. The program is responsible for helping students to develop entrepreneurship skills in order to develop business ideas and transfer them into reality in the light of a competitive business environment.

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Business Administration in English