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The Faculty of Business and Technology


Program goals are:

• BA program aims to equip students with a broad range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of analyzing processes in the various business and economic environment. The program aims to study students basic as well as functional aspects of Business Administration, such as Finances, Marketing, Management, Financial Accounting and Auditing.

• BA program enables students to develop skills necessary for any managerial level and prepare them to effectively fulfil appropriate functions in Management, Economics, Finances, Marketing and Accounting at local and international companies.

• BA program enables students to acquire practical skills necessary for entrepreneurship

• BA program strives to educate creative-minded professionals who will be competing in local and international labor markets with a healthy ambition to be a leader and have a constant need for development.


• Students understand and analyze the role of all the core areas of business administration, such as mathematics, statistics, management accounting and financial accounting, economics, finance, information technology, management, and marketing.

• Students analyze theories and practices of business ethics and social responsibility.

• Students use mathematical and statistical tools to discover, analyze and solve business problems.

• Students understand globalization and appreciate cultural diversity.

• Students conduct marketing research and design appropriate and effective marketing mix and strategies.

• Students analyze the challenges of starting their own business; They distinguish between types of business strategies and discuss their planning, implementation and evaluation processes.

• Students identify accounting concepts that enable them to interpret financial data and use it to make informed decisions about the operating performance and financial position of a company.

• Students develop, organize, and participate actively in interdisciplinary cooperation and lead work groups.

• Students establish business plan and prove its feasibility.

• Students produce clearly written analysis and deliver well organized, reasoned and persuasive oral and written presentations in English language.


For Georgian residents:

• School certificate of completion full course of secondary education

• United national exams, with compulsory results of 50+% in English language Exams

• The enrollee must choose the English language from foreign languages of United National Examinations.

Students eligible for enrollment on the program without Unified National Exams:

• Foreign citizens and stateless persons who have completed secondary or equivalent education in a foreign country;

• Georgian citizens, who received full secondary or equivalent education abroad and have studied the last two years of full secondary education in a foreign country;

• Individuals (except joint educational and exchange program students) who have lived abroad for the last one year or more, currently study/have studied and have received credits/qualification at an academic higher educational institution recognized under the laws of that country.

• Georgian citizens (except joint educational and exchange programs students) who have lived abroad for a time defined by The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, currently study/have studied and have received credits/qualification at an academic higher educational institution recognized under the laws of that country.

Language Prerequisites:

Persons who have not passed the national exams are to present the international certificate of English language proficiency, equal to B2 level or above or pass the university exam to define the level of their English language competence.

The correspondence of the international certificate is defined according to the following criteria:

• Cambridge English First (FCE),

• BEC Vantage,

• IELTS 5-6.5,

• TOEFL iBT 87-109,

• Michigan ECCE,

• PTE General Level

Graduates of the Business Administration educational program can be employed in analytical, construction, retail, distribution, tourism, ecommerce, healthcare, services and companies operating in various sectors of the country's economy. Graduate can also provide market entry
with his or her own business idea.

Employment departments are:

• Analytical Department
• Human Resources Management Department
• Research and Development Department
• Strategic Planning Department
• Financial Department
• Project Management Department
• Marketing Department
• Risk Management Department
• Small Business

Business Administration Program In English

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