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Due to the actuality, of the specialties, SEU tourism undergraduate program, and inter-direction fields, the purpose of the program is to prepare a professional oriented on humanism, democratic ideals and national values, at the same time, the professional in compliance with the modern international standards, which in turn will be able to build civil society in Georgia, establishing and promoting national-cultural awareness.


Program is oriented to prepare competitive, highly qualified and democratic-human value-oriented Bachelor (in the direction of BA administration) specializing in Tourism, that will have a relevant knowledge for the functioning of modern socio-economic relations system and practical skills for the most important issues of business system and business administration to realize and creatively interpret the dialectic between the business and the market, to possess the categories of tourism, forms and types. Student will get to know the terminology of tourism, also will be aware of the modern condition of a world tourism industry and development prospects; To analyze the role and importance of the tourism industry in both global and national aspects; To understand the managing issues of tourism management, marketing, economics, tourism enterprises, To be able to work in the field of tourism and become competitive specialists, acquire knowledge, skills and competence for professional career.


The actuality of the Tourism Undergraduate program is due to the great interest in the field of tourism in society. In the Law on Tourism and Resorts, the state recognizes tourism as one of the priority directions of the country's socio-economic development. Because it promotes the settling of a healthy lifestyle in the society and is a positive factor in the process of respect for people, confidence building and mutual understanding. Tourism has a great potential to perform the leading role in forming of a new ecological world vision, which carries massive character and refers to all types of social groups. (Adolescents, different levels of education, professional marks, etc.). Tourism in the world is dynamically developing the economic field and the source of income for all types of budgets. It contributes to the employment of the population and represents the active factor of socio-economic development of the regions

The modern tourism analysis shows that despite the current economic crisis in the world, there is an increase in internal tourism flows. The main trends in the development of tourism market in Georgia are: strengthening regional development, the opening of new tourism centres in Georgia's tourism market, development of internet sales, promotion and development of MICE tourism. The above-mentioned educational program was created in light of the circumstances.

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