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The aims of the undergraduate tourism educational program are:

• To develop students' relevant knowledge and practical skills for the operation of tourist-recreational resources, environmental and cultural heritage sites in the system of modern socio-economic relations;

• To make students understand the management and industry structure of the tourism industry, to teach them the mechanism of formation of consumer values of the tourism market, the current state of the world tourism industry and the trends/prospects of sustainable development;

• To develop students' skills in the tourism service system, both theoretical and practical skills of communication service with tourists.


Explains the basic concepts, terms and requirements of the legislation used in the field of tourism.

• Understands the basic concepts and models of tourism management, the importance of studying the field of tourism; Identifies the classification of units/subjects included in the structure of the tourism industry; Analyzes tourism management categories and their functional characteristics in the tourism management system.

• Describes the requirements/expectations of customers for tourism services in the field of tourism marketing, advertising of tourist destinations and events. Chooses the peculiarities of economic and financial realization of the tourism enterprise.

• Understands the general tasks of service technology management (transport, accommodation, meals): hotel business development, hotel staff functions, nutrition and tourist transportation.

• Describes the regional attractions of tourism. Chooses the tourist areas of the world, their hierarchy and typology. Analyzes the global and regional aspects of international tourism development.

• Identifies the qualitative characteristics of the natural-recreational and resort-tourist potential of Georgia's tourist resources. Describes the state of strategic tourist resources in the regions of Georgia and the relevant infrastructure related to them.

• Recognizes the importance of cultural and ethnographic tourism in the socio-economic and cultural development of the country as a priority in international travel. Identifies the fields of modern natural science tourism (ecological, agro, medical-resort); Evaluates resource potential and capabilities according to individual directions.

• Implements the creation of a targeted thematic tourism product, plans tours/excursions, calculating the cost and determining the price.

• Performs ticket booking using international booking systems: transportation, accommodation, meals, for individual groups and individuals.


A person with a full general education who has a relevant state-issued document (high school certificate) or a document equivalent to it and who, based on the results of the Unified National Exams is eligible to study on the undergraduate educational program in Management and undergo the administrative registration at Georgian National University SEU.

Enrollment without passing the Unified National Exams

Enrollment without passing the Unified National Exams in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia is allowed:

• For foreign citizens and stateless persons who have received full general or equivalent education in a foreign country;

• For citizens of Georgia who have received full general or equivalent education in a foreign country and have studied in a foreign country for the last 2 years of full general education;

• For foreign nationals (except for students participating in a joint higher education program and students participating in an educational exchange program) who are studying/have studied and have received credits/qualifications in a foreign country at a higher education institution recognized in accordance with the legislation of that country;

• For citizens of Georgia (except for students participating in the joint higher education program and students participating in the educational exchange program), who live/have lived, study/have studied and received credits/qualifications for a period of time defined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia in a recognized higher education institution of a foreign country recognized in accordance with the legislation of that country;

• The university conducts interviews to determine the language proficiency of those wishing to study without the Unified National Exams and provides the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia with a video recording of the interview.

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