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Information Technologies and Systems in Business


Bachelor’s Program in Information Technologies is prepared according to the procedure for the planning, preparation and development of educational programs of Georgian National University SEU. The program is developed by the academic and invited personnel implementing the bachelor’s Program in Information Technologies, it is approved by the Quality Assurance Department, it is reviewed before the academic council and approved by the Order of the Rector.

The program is developed in line with the modern challenges of the field and the demands of the local labor market, it is directed at elaborating the learning outcomes of the first level of higher education, which aims at informing the students on the general knowledge in the given field and on the various branches of the field. And more thoroughly, the program is focused on such field competences, as the knowledge of modern information systems and initial elements of business and their use in practice, knowledge of the infrastructure of information technologies and design, which is so necessary for organizations in order to manage information correctly.

The content, volume and complexity of the Bachelor’s Program in Information Technologies corresponds with the first level of higher education. The content of the program includes the prerequisites for admission to the program and learning outcomes. The structure of the program is consistent and logical. The content and the structure ensure the accomplishment of the study outcomes of the program. The qualification to be granted – Bachelor of Information Technologies corresponds with the content and learning outcomes of the program.

The language of the study components determined under the program is Georgian, some elective courses are offered in foreign language as well, namely, these courses are, e-government and Agile development. The basic study materials are in Georgian, some auxiliary materials are provided in the form of foreign sources as well (in English).

Bachelor’s Program in Information Technologies is structured according to the following principle: respective core subjects of the main study field, elective subjects of specialty, elective subjects and free components. Within the main field of study the student will learn basic courses, as well as basic courses of the field, within the elective subjects of specialty – the study courses developing knowledge and practical skills in terms of specific issues of the field; elective courses give basic knowledge in the direction of management and marketing, and free components enable students to choose the subjects according to their interests.

The structure of the program is built from simple to complex, it starts with the fundamental study of the basics of information technologies and programming languages, also, based on the basic knowledge of management and marketing, it is developed with the subjects necessary for the information management.

It is mandatory for the student to undergo study practice, which will facilitate the development of the skills of using theoretical knowledge in practice. It is also mandatory to do the Bachelor’s project, which implies the projection of certain information systems from the field of information systems. 10-ECTS are allocated for the Bachelor’s project.

Free component includes the courses existing under the Bachelor’s educational programs of the University oriented on facilitating the development of general, transfer skills and the student can choose them freely, in order to broaden the knowledge in the fields that interest him/her, by observing the respective prerequisites intended for studying on the course.

Academic and invited personnel, students, graduates and employers are involved in the development of the Bachelor’s Program in Information Technologies. The program is available on the website of the University's Programs Submitted for Accreditation’’ it is public and available for all interested persons.

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Information Technologies and Systems in Business

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