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Literary Club

The goals of the Literary Club are:

  • Establishing a podcast channel in collaboration with SEU to amplify the voices of our students globally, facilitating the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and experiences, while elevating the reputation of SEU on an international scale.
  • Establishing a book readers' sub-club to foster a vibrant community of readers within the university, promoting the habit of reading and encouraging literary engagement among students.
  • Curating and publishing a monthly electronic magazine on the club's social media platforms, featuring content contributed by students from all backgrounds and affiliations, as well as highlighting university news and upcoming events.
  • Providing daily content on a wide range of trending topics, offering followers informative updates on general knowledge and current affairs through the club's social media presence.
  • Organizing diverse competitions for students, including debates, creative writing contests and many more, to foster intellectual growth, critical thinking, and creativity among participants.
  • Down the line arranging exclusive speeches and lectures by guest speakers for club members, offering unique insights and perspectives on various subjects of interest.
  • Promoting inclusivity and diversity by maintaining a language-neutral approach and welcoming individuals from all ethnic backgrounds, ensuring an inclusive environment for all members of the club.

Directions of club’s activities:

Podcast Channel:

  • Produce and publish regular podcast episodes featuring interviews, discussions, and presentations by students and guest speakers.
  • Cover a wide range of topics including education, current affairs, culture, personal experiences, and more.
  • Conduct research, scriptwriting, recording, editing, and promotion of podcast episodes.

Book Readers Sub-Club:

  • Organize regular book club meetings where members discuss and analyze selected books.
  • Facilitate book recommendations and create a reading list for members.
  • Arrange author talks or book-related events to enhance members' understanding of literature.

Monthly Electronic Magazine:

  • Collect and curate original content from students across the university.
  • Publish a monthly electronic magazine featuring articles, essays, poems, stories, and artwork.
  • Highlight university news, upcoming events, and promote various club activities.

Daily Content Posting:

  • Research and provide daily content on diversified trending topics.
  • Share informative updates, facts, news, and engaging content on the club's social media handles.
  • Engage with followers by encouraging discussions and answering queries.


  • Organize and host various competitions like debates, creative writing contests, coding challenges, art and design contests, and STEM challenges.
  • Coordinate competition logistics, including registration, judging, and prize distribution.
  • Create platforms for participants to showcase their talents and abilities.

Guest Speaker Events:

  • Invite guest speakers from diverse fields and backgrounds to deliver speeches and lectures exclusively for club members.
  • Organize members-only events where experts share their experiences, insights, and expertise.
  • Facilitate Q&A sessions and networking opportunities with the guest speakers.

Chairman of the SEU Literary Club:

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