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The goal of the Media Club:

The goal of the club is to create an open space to enable the students of the Program in Journalism to get closer to each other, so that, in parallel with the studies, they will manage to discuss topical issues of journalism together, they will be given the opportunity to hold various thematic events and, also, meetings with the professionals of the field, in order to share their knowledge, experience and best professional practices.

Directions of Club’s activities:

  • Organization of public lectures, trainings and masterclasses considering the students’ interests and invitation of professionals for this purpose;
  • Organization of offsite teaching and training masterclasses;
  • Promoting implementation of various printed and multimedia projects by students;
  • Conducting visits to televisions and/or non-governmental organizations and cognitive activities;
  • Establishment and development of relations with the clubs from other universities carrying out identical activities;
  • Popularization of club’s name and enhancement of its prestige;
  • Popularization of the function, role and highest ethical standards of journalism.

Chair of the Media Club:

  • Luka Khvedelidze
  • Tel: 591 814 811

Email: [email protected] 

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