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Solidarity Club

The goals of the Equality Club are:

  • To establish the principles of equality among students;
  • To eliminate inequality among students in the university environment;
  • To organize cultural and creative, sports and educational events, to equip the youth with practical skills and support their initiatives;
  • To ensure equal allocation of opportunities disregarding sex and opinion;
  • To promote minorities in the integration process;
  • To reinforce civil society. 

Directions of Club’s activities:

  • Training of target groups; 
  • Organization of conferences, public lectures, discussions, forums, film exhibitions, sports and recreational activities, offsite schools, competitions and other events in order to share knowledge and experience; 
  • Implementation of various projects/programs;
  • Lobbying of student initiatives;; 
  • Popularization of human rights; 
  • Implementation of activities promoting student life; 

Chairperson of the Equality Club:

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